As your heavenly Father, I saw before time even existed that I would need a plan. A plan of great creativity. A plan that the enemy could not overcome. So we got together, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and we came up with a plan of redemption, and restoration for My kids and creation.

I knew I would give My creation choice because I wanted them to love Me with their own free will. That I would give them freedom of choice to do this. I also knew that I would create a special nation (Israel), that was appointed and anointed to be a witness of My goodness and My holiness. They too, have freedom to choose their path. I chose them as the people who I would send My one and only Son to earth to redeem the nations and tribes of the world.

He, My Son, paid the price for you, My children. He laid down his kingship, his royalty, so you can be a part of our family. Our love for you started before time itself. My Son Jesus said to Me, “I’ll go Papa. I love what you love. Send Me”. So he went in that courageous act of love We made a way for you, My children, to become part of our family. We have chosen to adopt you, My children, into our family. All you have to do is choose to say, “Yes Papa I want to be a part of your family”.

Child I know what your heart looks like. There is nothing hidden from Me, so don’t put it off. Say yes to Me because I accept you right where you are right now. I will come and abide in you, and you will abide in Me. I will speak love, peace, and blessing over you, and to you.


Daddy God

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