Promotion is coming for My true hearts; those who are open to My creativity who want to live out of the constraints of self-imposed rules (boxes) of man, and the lies of the enemy; those who seek the true things of My kingdom and My father’s heart for My creation. This is a place where I look at your heart to see if you are truly kingdom qualified. Only those who are will I trust to release to them the treasures of heaven. They are far too valuable and powerful to be released to those who are not heart qualified.

My kingdom is coming, and those who truly know the heart of their father will receive the keys to the kingdom. It’s for those who only do what they see their heavenly father doing. This is a place not for the faint of heart. Your trust in Me must be firm for I am taking you, My true hearts, into unknown realms for this world. New knowledge, wisdom and great treasures are being released for the benefit of My people and creation because I love them, and I gave My word I would do so.

Because of My great love I have raised up My true hearts for this time. They will have the answers and resources to address the various problems My creation is facing. My true hearts are the true church for they love Me more than life itself. They are not afraid to trust Me completely in all areas of their lives; to lay down their own agendas and to take up My kingdom agenda.

You, My true hearts, will point the way for others to true life. A life that is lived in freedom. Freedom from fear, from lies, and from want. A freedom that is established in My truth in how I see you My children and My creation. The truth is I want to be a big part of your life. I want all of you to know that I am for you! So get ready, My true hearts, because I am making you brave hearts for your battle cry is freedom!


Daddy God

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