Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

I am convinced that the Lord is changing the way we do business in the church; that the church, in a sense, is being redefined by Papa God which brings me to this latest word that I have heard from Him.

On 02/15/2012 a dear brother prophesied to me that God is going to confirm His word to me in different ways. On 02/27/2012 I had a visitor at 2:40 a.m. An angel appeared for a minute or two then disappeared. The Lord told me later that morning the name of that angel is “Can Do”. As I was looking at the newspaper that morning there was an article on the front page titled, “That ‘Can Do’ Spirit”. It was about a teacher revamping a graphic design program. I believe that is what the Lord is doing, redesigning His church. The following is the word that the Lord gave me.


I am giving you, My children, a new spirit, a “Can Do” spirit. I will establish your faith in Me. You are going to have great confidence in My abilities to bring the impossible, in the sense of the world, to a reality in your realm. This will be as natural to you as breathing air. This is a “Can Do” spirit I am giving to My church. You are going to operate at a whole new level. You will not question My abilities for your faith levels are going to be at an all-time high. You will just speak to different situations without hesitation and know that you will see My Spirit move to heal, and restore, and to set right the injustice that you see in the world.

Know this that My mighty hand will move the mountains in your life, and in the lives of My creation. You need to know that I, your Lord, am fully committed to do these things. This is a fulfillment of My word and promises to you. I AM A GOD OF MY WORD! So be encouraged, My children, for your time has come.

Now is the time for I, your Lord, am on the move. I have taken up My sword and buckler. I am taking the fight to the enemy. No longer do I want you to be in a defensive position. It’s time to take the offensive against the things of the enemy. You “Can Do” this My children. I have prepared and equipped you for this time.

Be of great courage for I, your Lord, go before you and I will guide and direct your path. Know that you are loved, and that I have great and wonderful plans for you and My creation.


Daddy God

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