Lift up your heads O you gates. Clap your hands O MY creation for your king comes. I am coming. Your king of glory comes. I am coming to restore what the enemy has stolen from My people. I am saying, “Enough to the enemy. No more will I allow My saints to be plundered by you, My enemy.” I am shouting Restore! Restore! Restore! Over My people. Look for it My people; look for it for your time has come for restoration.

It’s time to return the gold and silver to My people. It’s time that what My people thought was lost to them is returned to them. For I, your Lord, will see to it that all that was lost is found. I will restore the lost love between family and friends. I will bring a complete wholeness to My saints. I am about to restore to My people a sound mind. That cloud of doubt over them will be replaced with the reality of My promises to them. For My words are full of truth of My reality, and that of My Kingdom. What I say to you I will do for you. I don’t hold back from those who I love for I am a generous God who loves His family.

You, My saints, are My family. You need to understand this that I really do love you. I will not hold back My goodness from you for I have spoken My grace (undeserved favor) over you. This is something I give to you because I love you. I also see you as righteous. This, too, is a gift from Me. The price for your righteousness has been paid in full through My Son, Jesus. What I want you to do is rest in these truths. You do not need to strive and work for My favor or for righteousness. You already have them. I have already given them to you as a gift of My love and faithfulness to you, My people.

You are My family, and I want you to love and honor each other as I love and honor you.


Daddy God

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