My children, it’s time, time for the things of My Kingdom. There has been much talk of it this year. It’s true that I am bringing restoration to My people (church). That restoration will look different to many people. My restoration is tailor made for each individual. It will be a “perfect fit” for each one.

There will also be a blanket restoration of certain things in My church. Do not put My restoration in a box with small thinking for My plans are a lot larger than your plans. You need to think and plan out of the box, for it is My Kingdom that is coming. I operate at a whole different level than your thinking. My Kingdom is not like the kingdoms and countries of this earth. My Kingdom does not recognize the boundaries of countries or that of your thinking.

My answers will look a whole lot different than the answers man is coming up with. The difference is that My answers will stand, and man’s will not. You need to trust Me, and My answers (wisdom). The level of My answers heals, restores, and brings a Holy wholeness to My people. My plan is to infuse you with Kingdom thinking to take you beyond the limits of where you are right now; to bring you to a place of Kingdom possibilities, and the reality of them. You need to believe and trust My faithfulness in the fulfillment of My word.

I am not a mere man; I am the God of the universe. I am not limited as you are. You also need to understand My great love for you that the love I have for you is true and steadfast. It does not grow cold, but there is always a fire of My love burning for you.

With great sacrifice My Son (Jesus) came because of His and My love for you. We wanted to give you a bridge of love so that you could be with us throughout eternity. The toll to cross this bridge has already been paid in full at the cross. The fullness of My word, and promises to My church, and creation is on the path to completion. This is not just another year, My children. It is the beginning of the beginning of an eternity of love.


Daddy God

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