I am your Kingdom Captain. I am saying, “set your course for Kingdom”, for that is the direction I am taking you My crew. You are My first mates. I am taking you into My confidence. I am sharing the things of My Kingdom with you. I am setting the dial on your Kingdom compass to glory. Not just one or two glories, but glory after glory. Just as the waves of the ocean hitting the beach the glories will come one after another. They will wash over you and My creation nonstop. Think of it as an ocean full of glories. This journey is Kingdom bound. You will sail with Me from port to port unloading My love and blessings to My people and My creation.

This ship of Mine has no load limit. It is limitless. You will never empty her out. That is the way My love for you is. I have limitless love and blessing for you that will never be emptied out. So set your sails for adventure to go where you have never gone before. I have selected you for this time, and for this journey. It is for the Kingdom bold; those who are sold out to Me, your King and Captain. You are a Kingdom crew one who knows their Captain and has confidence in My abilities to navigate you from glory to glory.

There will be storms around you as we sail, but keep your eyes on your Captain for I have the authority to speak to the storms to say, “Peace Be Still”. As your Captain you can be sure of My abilities to guide you from port to port. You need not fear the journey for I am your King and Captain.

So come aboard, sign up for Kingdom adventure. Your ship is in for great blessing.  Let’s sail to those glories together. We sail to the greater things of My Kingdom that are being loosed upon My church and creation. This is not the time to be shore bound. It’s time to sail, My sailors. Let’s ride the waves of glory together. With Me as your Captain you can stay the course to Kingdom, My crew.


Daddy God

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