Listen up My people. I am up to awesomeness. We are coming into a season of My awesomeness. It will be like the sun coming up and warming you on a cool morning. I will hug you and My creation with My awesomeness. I will do the necessary things that need to be done in your life, and the lives of My creation. I am at work, My children, in your lives.

I am going to open new doors for you, doors of opportunity to bring Kingdom to yourselves, and to others. These are not empty words for I will do what I said I would do for I am a Father who keeps his word. I am God! Is there anything I cannot do? I will always follow through for I am a God of truth. My word and promises to you are true. Just trust Me, My children. Trust My truth. Rest in My truth for I have things well in hand.

Be encouraged, My children, for your time is at hand. For My awesomeness will bring joy, peace, and restoration to you. I am indeed pouring out My spirit upon all flesh. Do not be afraid of the darkness, My children, for My light is far greater. It overwhelms any darkness. Keep your eyes on Me for I am your source for all good awesome things. Ask Me, My children, for Kingdom awesomeness, and see if I don’t follow through.

It’s time to rise and shine, My children. You are the light of the world. The light I give you is love and wisdom; the love and wisdom that brings freedom to My church and to creation. Freedom to walk with Me, and talk with Me just as it was intended to be when I created this earth. I love that kind of relationship with you, My children. It is something I truly enjoy.

I love giving you hugs and kisses of love, joy, peace, wisdom, and blessing. This is just a part of My awesome nature.


Daddy God

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  1. deena porter says:

    Whoever is writing these are definately being guided by the HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD. Thank you. i am in no way insinuating that you are just like the rest of the people i tell this 2…but GOD is still burning bushes & speaking thru donkeys. HE shows HIMSELF 2 you the more you seek HIM. Not just 4 show either. When i try 2 share even a % age of what HE has done 4 me & continues 2 do, satan robs HIM by blinding the deceiving pastors that i am lying. It is then that i move on trying 2 find someone that knows HIM as i do. Because if these spiritual people are really so dand HOLY then why in the world do they NOT receive a message from HIM telling of my truthfulness? Huh? Check-mate!! Me & GOD don’t have time 4 games, such as who is holier than thou…the TRUTH speaks louder than any fancy words. HIS SPIRIT ALWAYS BEARS WITNESS!! The reason that others can NOT hear HIM like i can is because they are 2 full of themselves & 2 far away from HIM. They can NOT hear HIM with earthly ears, they must have SPIRITUAL EARS 2 HEAR GOD SPEAK!!

    Sincerely, Somebody (=

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