Rise up My Bride. I come bearing gifts. Be encouraged for I am the Lord. Good things I come bearing; things that will bring transformation to a dry and thirsty land, a land thirsting for the good things of the Lord. I bring healing and restoration first to My church, and then to My creation. For it is time My Bride to rise, and become Kingdom wise; wise in the things of the Lord, and of My Kingdom.

I am bringing wisdom. It is a gift from Me to you. This is one of many gifts that I have for you for My wisdom that I give you will open many doors. Doors that have yet to be opened, but open they will for I am giving you uncommon favor and wisdom. Many will see My favor upon you. They will come to you seeking Kingdom wisdom. They will know that you have My favor, and My ear for I hear you. I am your Father (Daddy). I will release Kingdom answers through you. It will be done for My glory! I am equipping you for you are My family, and I love to give good gifts to My kids. I know and hear your prayers children. They do not go unnoticed.

Do not become discouraged children, for I am about to release Kingdom over you and My creation. It’s at your door. I am about to ring your doorbell for delivery. Don’t give up or despair for I bring light to a dark world. I bring My truth to a world which has been deceived. Soon, and very soon the switch will be turned on that will radiate My truth to the entire world. People will be healed and changed. Governments will be healed and changed. Nations and peoples will know that there is a good God in heaven who loves His children and creation with a Father’s love.

I created you for good things, My children. You I love. I have spoken many good things over you. Soon you will receive those good things; My gifts from your loving Father to you. Remember that My wisdom and love bears the answers to a world looking for them.


Daddy God

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