Children are you ready to go to lofty places? Are you ready to fly like the eagles? Your wings are strong. Are you ready to soar? Are you ready to receive what I have for you? For what I have up in these lofty places are Kingdom ideas and strategies ready to be hatched. Only those who are ready to soar can receive what I have put in these nests for they are high up on the mountains where only eagles dare to go.

Are you daring enough to step off where you are right now, and catch the updraft of Kingdom possibilities? To go where My church has not gone before? These ideas and strategies are Kingdom high up. They have been waiting for the eagles. They will release answers to My creation that will bring healing to the nations. They will address the woes of My creation. They are Kingdom answers to worldly problems. They are ready to be released.

Are you Kingdom ready for I am bringing Kingdom to My creation? Step out children, get ready to soar, and receive. Leave the old nest for what I have for you, and My church will far exceed anything you may imagine. For My ways are higher than your ways, My thoughts are higher than you thoughts, My answers are higher than your expectations. For when I pour out, I pour out liberally, over the top answers and blessings to My children, and creation. I am not a stingy God, but I am an abundant God full of grace and mercy. My love for you is overflowing. I am a father who loves to give good things to My children.

Are you ready to receive? Then get ready to soar; step off that branch of complacency; spread your wings; catch the winds of Kingdom possibilities to fly higher, to go further than you can possibly imagine. I am taking you places that I have spoken over you, to destinies that are totally Kingdom. Do not be afraid to fly for I am with you. You do not fly alone for we will soar together to Kingdom destinies.


Daddy God

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