Fear not for I am the Lord. I am making you Kingdom courageous. I am speaking fearlessness over you My children. The only fear you should have is the fear of the Lord. Any other fear is counterfeit. Do not let your circumstances dictate fear over you. You are under My protection. Remember who I am. Am I not a fearless God? Have I ever not followed through with My promises and covenants with you? I am who I am. I am the way, the truth and the life. I am speaking Kingdom life and liberty over you. I am giving you liberty to be fear free. You will no longer have your circumstances dictate to you, but you through My mighty name will dictate to your circumstances. My Kingdom is a fear free zone. Are you not part of My Kingdom? My children, fear not for I am with you.

You need to ask yourselves, “Who’s your Daddy?” Knowing me and My Son Jesus will make you see the truth, and will expose the lies of the enemy that knowing Me, and My heart toward you will make you free indeed. I am indeed bringing My Kingdom to earth, and I am freeing up My church so she can be fully Kingdom. You are kings and priests, sons and daughters of the most high God. I am making you a noble nation, a Kingdom that loves what Daddy loves. Love and honor will be established within My church. You are a noble people. Love and honor is in your Kingdom DNA. Ask Me to show you what I see in My creation, and I will show you for I have put many good things in it. I want to establish in you Kingdom values so you can see the values I see in My creation.

Your Daddy did not make any junk. When I created this world what I spoke over it was, “It is good”. Do you think I have changed My mind? I love what I have created. There is great value in it to Me, and so it will be with you. I will never give up My creation for it is mine. Value it, children. You are Kingdom people. Show them love and honor, and they will come to you for you know that I am the answer, and where they and you will find true love and peace.


Daddy God

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