Many mercies are coming. I will be merciful to those things that My church has overlooked. I will use the cast outs, the lepers of society; they will be part of My church. Just as it was in Jesus’ days on the earth I will visit the unclean, and pour out great mercies on them. They are part of My creation, and I love them. Do not say they are unclean for I see great value in them. I have put great destinies in each of them. Do not, My church, exclude them for I will hold you accountable.

I am a God who loves His creation, and I am going after them. You do not see what I see for I see their hearts. I know what I have put in them, and the enemy is out to destroy that. I will not allow that. My Kingdom is for all who say “yes” to Me. I don’t care about their past history for I can give them a new history. I am the restorer of love, life, and hope. I am speaking life over you and them.

I will choose to bless those who I choose to bless. There are no discards in My creation. They are all valuable to Me. My mercies are vast. My Son, Jesus, died and rose again to cover all sins. All sins, My children, mean exactly that. I want you, My church, to see what I see, to be a church of love, compassion and mercy.

Yes, those who I am bringing in are rough around the edges, but so were you. I can make diamonds out of carbon not only in the natural, but also in the spirit. My mercies extend to all My creation on this earth. The heart of your father is to have them all with Me throughout eternity. I did not create them to be ravaged by the enemy. I want to restore them into what I created them to be, sons and daughters of the Most High God.

I have a heritage for My children that will surpass anything that they or you could ever receive from the world. Love what I love, children, for I will surely bless you for it.


Daddy God

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