The Kingdom I am bringing will be beyond anything that you have witnessed before. When you see and experience My Kingdom, you will know that it is pure clear Kingdom. The reality of My Kingdom will not be ignored.

The world will know that there is something different about My church. You will speak and act from a position of power and authority that I, your Lord, have given you. You, My people, are My hands and feet. Through you My Kingdom comes. I am equipping you with the necessary tools and resources to do Kingdom work.

There will be a shift of faith from little to large. The largeness of this faith will take you into new realms of the possible. It will expose the lies of the enemy. You are mighty men and women of God, and you walk in power and authority through Jesus Christ My Son. There is nothing that My Son did on this earth that you will not be able to do. This and more are in your destiny.

Believe for more My children for I am ready to release Kingdom over you, in you, and through you. I hear your heart’s cry! MY KINGDOM IS COMING! Ask for it My children, ask for it. See if I don’t deliver for I shall surely follow through for My promises and My words are true. Kingdom reality is yours for the asking.

You are about to enter into a time of pure clear Kingdom. This will affect the destinies of people, places, and things for the better. My Name will be glorified through this. I want My creation to know there is a God in heaven that loves and cares for them, and I want them to live the life I have designed for them. One that speaks of life, hope, love and blessing, that they will live life to its fullest possible potential through relationship with Me.

I have not called you to a mundane existence, but that of a life of victory, of seeing My Kingdom come, of My will being done on earth as it is in heaven.


Daddy God

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