I am re-establishing the reality of My Kingdom in the hearts and minds of My people and creation. My people will know that there is a God in heaven who is their champion. Yes, it is I, the Lord, the champion of the humble, the meek, those who seek truth, and the fruits of the Holy Spirit.

I will not deny the good things that I have for My children. I plan to go much further than anyone expects because My plans for you go beyond anything you could imagine; for I am a creative loving God who will not fit in anyone’s box. There are no formulas or programs that man comes up with that I will fit in.

What I am doing is bringing new wine. I want you to get rid of the old wineskins. I am speaking new things over My people, and it will be on a consistent basis. You will frequently need new wineskins for I am bringing answers to the nations. I am re-establishing My reality among the nations that there is a higher authority who has the wisdom of the ages; who has the authority to bring order to chaos; to bring answers to those things that seem to have no answer.

Yes, I am the way, the truth, and the life, for I am speaking Kingdom life over My creation and My people. I am the restorer of hope. You can be confident of this that it is My heart that My people be firmly established in the reality of who I am, and My Kingdom that My people always look to Me first. For I have the answers to every question in their lives.

My truth always prevails over the lies of the enemy. The notion that I can’t care for or I don’t care about My people or My creation is a big lie from the enemy. For you have a heavenly Father who sees all, and knows all. There is nothing that escapes My attention or that I don’t have an answer for. Remember you are My children, and you are well loved, for I am your champion.


Daddy God

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