I say yes and amen to those things I have spoken over you. I have issued marching orders to My Angels concerning My children to give you the keys to My Kingdom, and to equip you for awesome acts for My glory and that of My Kingdom.

The world will see a radical change in My church. I am bringing Kingdom to My creation. Many have been waiting saying, “When will you come Father?” I tell you children soon and very soon. I want you to be encouraged for I will do what I said I would do for I am a God of My word.

The truth of My word you will witness, you will live it, walk in it, talk in it, and glory in it. I am bringing Kingdom to those things that look hopeless to the world. You can count on your Heavenly Father. Have you ever seen My word return void? That has never happened nor will it ever happen for I am God.

What I have planned for My people and My creation will be far beyond anyone’s expectations for I am a gracious God. I want to give you far more than what you expect. My heart is to bless you, My child, for I do love you. I have chosen you for this time, and for the things of My Kingdom.

You are coming into a season of release. I am not only releasing things from My Kingdom, but I am releasing people from the lies of the enemy. Anything that is not based on My truth will not stand. The only thing that will stand is My truth. You need to know how I see you, and My creation, that you have a Heavenly Father who cares very deeply about you, and that I only want the best for you.

What I want is to bring you into the fullness of My Kingdom, and what I have for you so that this earth can witness the goodness of My heart toward My people and My creation so they, too, will seek the only true loving God.


Daddy God

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