Stand firm for I am the truth and the life. Stand your ground My children. You do not stand alone for I, the Lord of Hosts, stands with you. There is no compromise in My Kingdom of light with the kingdom of darkness. I and My Kingdom stand firm against it.

You are a people of light and truth. My love for you and My creation is the utmost priority for Me. I have not forgotten My promises to you, children. My Kingdom is about to go forward for I am going to take back what is mine. I am reclaiming broken hearts, broken bodies, and broken hopes. I am the restorer of hopes, of hearts, of bodies.

I am the source of all good things. Look to Me, children, for I will not disappoint. I will certainly follow through for I am a God of My word. You, My children, are precious to Me. I will do what I have spoken over you for I truly do have a hope and a future for you.

You are not without hope, My child, for I have declared war against those things that rob, kill, and destroy the futures and hopes of My children. I am totally for you child. Your destiny is to bring light to darkness, hope to hopelessness, love to the unlovely, and to bring healing to the nations.

My heart is to heal My people and My creation because of My incredible love for them. I am the restorer of Kingdom life. That’s what I want for you child to taste, to walk, to experience, to live what it is like to be Kingdom. You are citizens of My Kingdom, of light. I
have spoken victory over you child.

Trust Me. Rest in My promises, in My word to you, for it shall surely come to pass for I am a God of My word, and I speak only truth and life over you and My creation.


Daddy God

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