I am pulling the weeds of distraction from your lives so you will be Kingdom clean. The Kingdom I am bringing to you is beyond anything you could imagine for I am a creative God. I will bring Kingdom in many different forms, and different ways.

I and My Kingdom will not fit in any boxes or preconceived ideas that men may have. My thoughts are higher than your thoughts, and My ways are higher than your ways. I am bringing the beauty of My Kingdom to earth just as I said I would do.

For those who seek Me I will not disappoint. It will be very apparent with those who I am with, and those who I am not. There will be no blurring of the lines between Kingdom, and those who continue to seek the things of the world.

My church will be well defined. It will no longer be cold or lukewarm, but on fire for My Kingdom. Your priorities will be Kingdom based. No longer will the things of the world appeal to you for you have found where the real treasure is. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

I, your Father, want the hearts of His children planted and established in Me and My Kingdom. My Kingdom will prevail without fail. I have already told you who wins. If you know Me and My Son Jesus, you are a winner. There are no losers in My Kingdom.

You all are very valuable to Me no matter what I have assigned you to do for My Kingdom. It is all equally important to Me. So it is important that you value each other as I value you, and value what role they have in My Kingdom.

The destinies that I have assigned each one of you have impact in My Kingdom. It’s important that you honor that, and each other.

I love you all. You each have a special place in My heart.


Daddy God

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