Hear My cry children. I am calling you out of what was into what’s to be. It’s time children to cross your Jordan. No more wilderness time. I am taking you into territory that is new to you, into areas that will be totally Kingdom.

Be ready to experience what I have promised you. I am a God who keeps His word. Soon you will know that I am God, and that I am taking you into Kingdom territory. The world will sit up and take notice.

There is something new about My church. The old is gone. There is newness; a refreshing wind of truth and love will be the perfume that the world will notice. No longer are you of limited power, but you will be a power to be reckoned with. The world will turn to you, My Bride, for they will know that you have My favor.

Those mountains promised you are yours. Go up and take them. The giants in the land will flee before you. For I am God and I go before you. You have nothing to fear. I will set the course before you, for I have the answers the world is looking for.

All of these things I have told you will come to pass for the path you walk on is love and compassion. It brings peace to things that you would never think could have peace. Love opens doors, and gives life to those things that look dead or hopeless.

I am the life giver. I breathe new life into things that look impossible to you. Don’t give up child for I am speaking the life of love, peace, and joy over you. So be confident of My love for you for I will certainly follow through.


Daddy God

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