Look up My loved ones, look up! My Kingdom is coming. Be encouraged for what I have said will surely come to pass soon!

I am on a mission to bring the reality of My Kingdom to the peoples of the earth. To prove once and for all that yes there is a God who cares about their well-being. Not only now but also throughout eternity.

I am a God of extreme love and compassion. Did I not send My only Son Jesus as proof of this? You are My passion, and I want you with Me now and throughout eternity. I really do enjoy having a personal relationship with you.

I see and created things in you that are truly remarkable. I want you to blossom and grow in those things. Let Me water you with My Holy Spirit so that you can grow in those things that I have planted in you. Don’t turn away. Please let Me help you for I truly do have a future and a hope for you. Trust Me, your heavenly Father, to do this for you.

I am a creative God, and I love to grow things and create things. I love you, and what I have put in you for it is lovely and pleasing to Me. For I created good things; things that speak life not death; things that speak blessing not cursing; things that speak beauty not ashes.

You are truly unique, one of a kind on this earth, and in My heaven. You are special to Me, and I love you.

Trust Me to make you the best you can be. For that is My heart for you child. I made you for good things. That is the destiny I have spoken over you. Choose My destiny for you child for it is good, and will truly bless you and Me.


Daddy God

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