My righteousness will prevail for I am your Lord, and I have spoken it! I am your Redeemer, and I choose to redeem My church and My creation. This is not your choice, it is mine.

I intend to follow through for My word is true. My reputation and honor will be maintained for I am the Lord. I do not speak empty words or promises, My word is true.

I will never lie to you or speak a half-truth to you child. You can always trust Me to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

You, child, need to be established in My truth for when you are you will know My heart toward you, that My heart for you is for good. I choose to speak My goodness over you, My love over your, My healing over you, My protection over you, and My blessing over you for you I love.

I know who you are child. I know you by name, and I am for you. You have nothing to fear. Do I not hold your future in My hand? Do you think I will let the enemy have his way with you? You know the answer to that child, that answer is “No way, no how”.

You are Mine and only Mine. I claim you child. I don’t let go of something I cherish, and you I cherish. I intend to wash over you like a high tide with My righteousness. I will cleanse My church so you will be without spot or wrinkle.

I am preparing you for the wedding feast, and for My Son Jesus, your groom. That glorious day is not far off child, for as I have told you I do indeed have a future and a hope for you.


Daddy God

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