I am tuned in to hear your heart, child. I know your heart and what’s in it. I know when you are heartbroken or when you have a merry heart. I know what makes your heart glad or sad. I want you to know I am there for you in any heart condition you find yourself in. I am your heart healer.

Many hearts are splintered. My heart is to put them back together again, well and whole. I want you healed, child, in all areas of your life; this is My heart for you.

This is the heart of your Father speaking to your heart, child. My heart is to have relationship with you.

I love it when you talk to Me, and when you tell Me about your day, how you feel, your wants and needs, and those things that help or hinder your heart; for I will address the issues of your heart. I am for healing your heart. I want you to have a whole heart.

Come to me child. Come and worship for worship is a heart salve. It is like rain for a dry and parched land. It fills in those cracks in your heart as it would in the land. I want you to be at peace in your heart. I do not want your heart to be troubled for I am your Lord, your heart healer, and I love you very much.

So let not your heart be troubled for I am with you. I have spoken Kingdom life to you and over you child. Are you not My sons and daughters? You have all the rights and privileges of knowing Me as your Father, and knowing My son Jesus as your Savior and King.

You have access to Me and My Kingdom. There is ALWAYS an open door just for you to come in and see Me, your Heavenly Father.


Daddy God

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