Children, it’s a time of transition. I am moving you from worldly thinking to Kingdom thinking. You will find the goals in your life are also being changed from worldly to Kingdom goals. You are coming into a time that you will recognize the value of My Kingdom. You will know that is where your treasure is.

The reality of My Kingdom will become clear to you. The confusion of the enemy’s lies will be wiped away. My truth will be self-evident to you. My truth will set you free. I speak freedom over you, My children; freedom from fear and anxiety, freedom from the lies and deception of the enemy, freedom to operate in the fullness of My truth that I have spoken over you.

You will walk with Kingdom perspectives. The truths of My word will be a reality to you, and you will operate in that. I speak holiness over you, My children. I bring holiness to you and your house. You will be Jesus imitators. What My Son Jesus did you will do.

Don’t you see children, you have not lost for I am your Lord, and My destiny for you will come to pass. When I say I have a future and a hope for you that is exactly what I mean. I am in the midst of doing a great work with My church and My creation.

You are not done! I don’t care what you hear or see in the news; all is not lost for I have a totally different destiny for you and My creation. I plan, and will turn around what the enemy has meant for harm and use it for My glory.

Children, I want you to be at peace. Trust My truth, My word and My heart for you for I love you, and I have great plans for you.


Daddy God

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