Do you know that your heavenly Father bends down to listen when you pray? I am concerned about you, My child, every aspect of your life is important to Me. When you pray to Me, I hear you. I listen because I love you. You are special to Me.

Your everyday activities are important to Me, so I want to be in every part of your day and in your life. I know your frustrations, and your shortcomings, but I also know what makes you shine in My Kingdom such as those things that you do that looks like what My Son Jesus would do. It makes Me proud, and I point and say, “That’s My boy or
girl, look at them go”. They are doing better than what they believe.

I want you to know I am your biggest fan. I am for you! That’s My heart toward you, child. I want you to come into that place of Kingdom fullness, and all those things that I have for you that will bless you and others. Desire the things of My Kingdom, children, for they will not disappoint.

When you pray I listen, and I know your heart, My child. I will give you an answer, but it may not be the one you were looking for, for when I answer I am giving you “heart medicine” because I want to give you what’s best for you in your current situation.

I want your heart to reflect My Son’s heart that when you speak you speak in love, when you walk you walk in love, when you act you act in love. I am a God of love, and that love extends to you and My creation. You are the Kingdom light of the world. Let it shine, children.


Daddy God

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