Hear Me, My children. I will pour out My spirit upon My church. It will be sudden and unexpected. When you are at the end of yourselves, and your own abilities, I will act. When you have hit that “dead end”, and cannot see any further down the road, I will act. When the nations come to the end of their own abilities and resources, and have no
other recourse, I will act. I am the answer, My children.

Your Heavenly Father holds the solutions not only to you individually but also corporately. I will address the complexities of your environment, business, economies, governments, science, energy, health, and so on. Look My children, you do not need to be anxious or fearful for I know you.

Those things that look impossible and unfixable in your lives and in My creation are not without answers from Me. They are not complex or difficult in My Kingdom.

Think Kingdom, My children, for it is coming. I am bringing it. I created this world, and when I was done I said, “It is good”. When I look at you I say, “It is good” for I sent a redeemer to you, and He, My Son (Jesus) stood in for you, and when I see you I see Him, and say, “It is good”.

So My children, it is good to have you as My sons and daughters. You are My treasure and My love highly valued by Me. You need to see yourselves as such. I am not disappointed with My creation for I made it for good to be enjoyed by you.

Rejoice for the time is coming when I, your Lord, will live among you and My creation as I intended it to be. There is definitely a future and a hope for you, My children. My word stands firm and true. I will follow through so I speak courage to you, My children. Be of good cheer for I will come suddenly and unexpectedly.


Daddy God

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