Church, My business should be your business. It’s time, My children, to pay attention to what is going on around you. I said in My word to look for the signs. In My parable in Luke 29 about the fig tree, when it sprouts leaves you know that summer is near.  So it is with My Kingdom.  Do you not know that the Kingdom of God is near? I tell you it is!

I am releasing the things of My Kingdom to you, My church. Are you ready to receive them? It’s time to wake up for the time is upon you. It’s time to take care of My business. If you take care of My business I will surely take care of yours. Listen to Me, My children. My heart for you is blessings. I love to bless you! It does your Daddy’s heart good to bless you. I don’t want you to miss out in what I have for you.

Do not let the distractions of the world and from the enemy rob them from you for what I have for you will be far above anything this world has to offer. The things of this world will disappoint, but the things that I, your Lord, have for you will not disappoint. For what I give you has eternal value. It is something that you will retain. It belongs to you, My child. I want you to have it.

Do not be dismayed or fearful for I have a future and a hope for you, My child. It is a good place to be in during these times of shaking and uncertainty for what I speak over you, My child, is certain and good. It is My heart to do this for you for I love you so very much. Remember, you are Daddy’s Delight!


Daddy God

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