I will shout My justice over My people. Who dares stand against My Bride? Who do you think you are that you come against the Lord of Hosts and His people?

I will make My people’s path straight. I will bring down the strongholds that the enemy has placed before them. Do you really think that you can stop My people in coming into their destiny and inheritance? I say NO! My justice will stand, and there is nothing
that you, My enemy, can do to stop it for I am the Lord. My word and promises to My people I protect. If I say it, I will do it! My word stands. It cannot be diverted or stopped. As sure as I have spoken it, it will happen. My promises are sure.

You, My children, can count on it. I do not speak empty words. My word is My bond. You can trust your Heavenly Father to come through for you. Do not listen to the lies of the enemy. Do not be discouraged for I will prevail. I am bringing justice to those things in your life that the enemy has robbed from you. I am speaking restoration and healing over you. The enemy has to give back what he has taken from you. Have you been waiting for prayers in your life to be answered? Well, the wait is over. I am bringing resolution to them. I am the restorer of things that look impossible to you. The things that you gave up on, I remember. They are not dead to Me. I breathe life into them. I resurrect them from ashes to beauty, from death to life. I am the author of life, and I choose to speak life over you, My Beloved. The life I have for you is beyond your comprehension. It is far more glorious than anything that you could come up with for yourself.

I love to speak good things over you and into you. That is My heart for you. You can trust Me to come through for you for I have your best interest at heart.


Daddy God

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  1. Jen Thurman says:

    Thank you for sharing. This really spoke to me today!

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