Look up My children, look up! The greatest battle is about to be fought for the hearts and minds of my creation. This is the time that you, My church, have been created for. I am calling you to attention. I am issuing you marching orders. The time for action is now. It is time, My church, to shake off the cobwebs of mediocrity. I have made you to be warriors, mighty men and women of valor. This is not the time to become complacent or afraid. You have been called to a higher place, to a destiny that only knows victory. I am your God who has spoken your destiny.

 Has history ever shown your Lord God being defeated? Do I grow tired and weary? Do you think I am limited? There is nothing on this earth that has happened or will happen that I cannot handle. I hold the whole universe in the palm of My hand. You, My children, are of a higher Kingdom. You have the enemy at a great disadvantage for you know My Son Jesus, the Commander of the Heavenly Hosts. He is the Lion of Judah! He went out like a lamb, but He is coming back as a lion.

 Beware enemies of the Most High God for your defeat is drawing close. You, My children, I created for a time such as this. I have designed you for the battle ahead. You can be sure I will equip you to bring you into that destiny of victory that I have spoken over you. You are not alone in this effort for I, your Lord, go before you. I will take a personal hand in seeing you through to your destiny. I want you to stay centered on Me. Keep your eyes on Me not on what is going on around you. Remember Peter as he walked on the water? He was doing well until he took his eyes off Me. So it is with you. I am just a “Jesus help me” away. Do not hesitate to call out to Me for I am your savior. It is My heart to help you in any situation you may find yourself in even if it is one of your own making. Remember, I am the Lord of Hosts, your great redeemer.


 Daddy God

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