My children do you know who I am? I am the one who has no limits in what I can do. I can control or change things that you think cannot be changed or controlled. I created the laws to keep the planets in place, to keep the oceans in there proper place, and to keep the atmosphere in its place. I am the one who spoke to the storms from the boat in the Sea of Galilee. I spoke, “Peace be still”. I am the one who took a little bread and fish to feed the multitudes. I am the one who healed the incurable. I am the one who raised the dead. I am the one who rose from the dead to swallow up death. I am the one that you need to look to in this present age. You need to know Me, that there is nothing I cannot handle. For I have the answers to everything you are concerned about.

 I don’t want you, My children, to fear and doubt for that is not from Me. If you really know Me you will know that I have everything well in-hand, that I am still in control, that I am speaking “Peace be still” over you. I want your hearts to be at peace, and your minds to be still and know that I am God. I want you to know, no matter your circumstances, no matter what you see going on around you, that I am still in control. For you see I can speak to any circumstance or anything that is going on around you, and bring peace and stillness to it. I am a God who is in control. I am not limited in what I can do.

 So look to Me, My children, look to Me! Keep your eyes on the Lord. Turn from your doubt and fear. Turn to My peace, and that deep stillness that only I can bring to you. Know that you are in good hands for what I have for you will go beyond anything you could ask for or imagine. Know your Lord that My power is not limited.


 Daddy God

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1 Response to KNOW ME, NO LIMITS!

  1. shiree says:

    I am filled with excitement as I see the way God is directing you!! I love you Dave!!

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