I am your oasis during this time of uncertainty that you see throughout the world and around you. People are asking, “What is going on?”

Many are fearful, and are asking, “What is next?” They ask what can I do? Where do I go? Who can I turn to? They look around for answers uncertain of their economies, their governments, and their futures. They look around for stability and security looking at the old places, the old things they used to rely on, and those things that have been shaken and are being shaken. They are looking for a hint of stability. They will not find stability and security in the old places. They are being dismantled. This shaking is a transition from old to new. There will be a falling away of the things that were to the things that will be. The things that will be are Kingdom. My church is in Kingdom transition. You are going from temporal to eternal characteristics, a whole new way to live. You will operate in unison with My Holy Spirit. You will be shown new ways of doing things and how to operate in them.

I am giving you far more authority to remove and destroy the things of the enemy, and to bring healing to My creation. You will affect the outcomes of people, places, and events. You will speak life, peace, and restoration over them. You will tell them of how great and awesome your God is, and about His Son Jesus, and the endless love I have for them and My creation.

I just want you to know, My people, I am your oasis, a place of refreshing, relief, and rest. I am your peace. I bring stability and restoration where you think there will never be any. I reverse the irreversible. There is nothing, My children I cannot change for the glory of My name. I love to redeem what looks hopeless.

Look to Me, My children, for I have what you need. I know the thoughts and plans I have for you for they are good, not to harm or discourage you. You are loved, My children. So look up, My child. Be encouraged for My love overcomes all.


Daddy God

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