Listen, My people. Please pay attention. The ways of My Kingdom will be manifested upon My church. I am raising up My church for a time such as this. There will be more shaking, but in that shaking I will grow My church into its true identity. Know my people that I am behind this. I want to shake the complacency off of you. It will not be business as usual. I am going to give you a Holy Spirit agenda. This agenda will be one that brings a more rapid maturity to My church. It will bring you into a place that you need to be before I pour out a greater anointing upon you. I am going to remove the self-agendas, and replace it with a Kingdom agenda.

The ways of your Lord are higher than your ways. The thoughts of your Lord are higher thoughts than yours. You can be assured, My children, that they are good ways, and good thoughts for you and My creation. Don’t resist or be misled for what I have for you is for your benefit, and the benefit of My creation. You are being readied for a time such as this. I want you to surrender your agenda, and take up My agenda. For what I have for you will surpass any plans or actions that you do for yourselves. My plans and actions are built on a solid foundation, and they are trustworthy. You are going to need a solid foundation for the days and years ahead. This is something you can count on and build on.

Build on the solid rock of your Lord Jesus not on the shifting sand of your own abilities and agendas. For I, your Lord, have a Kingdom plan for My church. It will not be based on worldly knowledge, but on Kingdom realities. This will radically change your heart, your outlook on life, and will be an impact on those around you.

You are moving into a new season of maturity that you need to be at to be able to stand and declare the truth of My word to a world that needs to hear it and know it. For I am the salvation of the world, and I want My creation to know that I am the way, the truth, and the life.


Daddy God

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