Holiness comes

Listen My people. I am telling you My holiness is coming. It will be as obvious as day and night. You will feel it in your spirit. I am going to manifest Myself as never before. So gather up and expect things to happen.

I am speaking of an outpouring of My spirit over you that you have never experienced before. This outpouring will be one that cleanses, that washes out the impurities of your soul. I am about to cleanse the soul man. I am making My church a pure and spotless bride. I am removing barriers that have kept you from walking into the full destiny that I have spoken over you. You will become what I have designed you to be, a princess bride, holy, pure, and spotless.

Oh, My children, are you ready? For as surely as I have spoken it, it will come to pass. You are coming into a time of great maturity and authority. You are about to grow up into that which I have spoken over you. I, your Lord, have great plans for My church. You are about to come into full maturity. The wait is over for I, your Lord, control your destiny and the destiny of My creation. I am your source of power and authority. You shall use it to bring heaven to earth. You are not a weak people, but a people who will change the course of history.

You will impact this world through My holiness. LOOK UP! LOOK UP! See My holiness. It will cover you, bring healing and restoration to your soul. Know My people, that you are on the threshold of a great new beginning. The beginning of heaven on earth. The time is upon you. LOOK UP! 


Daddy God

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