Do not be afraid of the 270. 

I, the Lord, have set into place who I want to be over this nation. Despite what you are being told by false media that your fate is sealed, and it falls into the enemy’s hand, it is a lie to bring you into doubt, and fear. Do not listen to them for I, the Lord, have spoken My truth over this nation. 

I have heard the prayers of My people, and I am responding to them. I have not given up on this United States of America. You are a destiny nation which I have set aside for My glory. Do not be deceived by false reports for I have spoken My truth over this nation, and I will see to it that it comes to pass. 

What I need from My saints is prayer, and faith that I, your Lord, am bigger than the 270 (electoral college votes). I, your Lord, will be your champion . Do not give into fear or disbelief. That is what the enemy wants. 

Do not give up or give in, but take courage for I am about to do amazing things that will take this nation the direction I want. I am the Lord of Hosts, and I will not be mocked. 

My intentions are for your good, and I have not given up on you or this nation. This I have declared by My great name.


Daddy God

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I have heard the cries, and prayers of My people, and I am acting on them. I am taking My church to a new level of intimacy with Me.

In the days ahead a shift is about to happen that will change everything. It will bring about a major shift on how My Kingdom business is done. It will be on earth as it is in My heaven. Access to My Kingdom will be open to those who call Me Lord, and mean it. It will not be as it was before.

I will give My children what they need to bring My Kingdom to earth, and it will not be a difficult thing. I am giving My children great authority to move what needs to be moved, to heal what needs to be healed, to change what needs to be changed, to restore what needs restoring. All of this, and more can be done in the name of Jesus Christ My son.

With this higher authority you must be all in with My agenda. I will not compromise with sin, and neither should you. It is sheep, and goat time. Either you are for My Kingdom or not.

I am looking for those who are all onboard with following Me. I want a pure, and spotless Bride, because that is what is required for the days ahead.

Know that I am for you, and that you are loved. Follow Me!


Daddy God

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There is a turnaround coming. Don’t give up. Don’t give in. Stay the course I have set for you. 

There are more adjustments coming; what you would call a course correction. I am bringing My church into alignment that will bring My people into the destiny I have for them. There is a definite departure from what was into what I want My church to look like. There will be a new look to My church, and a new agenda that will line up with My word.

This is not going to be more of the same. My Holy Spirit is going to be in charge. It will not fit into the fixed agendas of men or their definition of what My church should look like. My Holy Spirit will be your helper, and guide. This is the time of going from lukewarm to Red Hot Holy. The choice is for My children to make. 

There is going to be a separation of the true hearts from those who have their own agendas that they refuse to lay down, and turn to follow Me. I want My people to be sold out solid to Me, and My agenda. I have an agenda that is a true, and perfect fit for My loved ones. It is My heart that all would follow Me, but that choice is yours to make. 

If you want to live My kingdom life, follow Me! I truly do have a future, and a hope for you in the days ahead. It is an adventure that you won’t want to miss, but there is the requirement of giving Me your all. I will take it, and bring multiplication. It will go much further in My hands than yours.

Trust Me as your Heavenly Father to take you beyond anything you could ask or imagine! My thoughts, and ways are higher, and greater for I am the Lord God, the creator of all.


Daddy God

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Heads up, loved ones! I, your Lord, have spoken activation of many miracles for your days ahead. This is not a drill nor will it be unnoticeable, for I am on the move. It’s by My spirit that this will take place. I have spoken activation over those things that I have spoken over you individually, and corporately.

I will move in ways that will be new to you, and in ways that will amaze, and astound. I will establish the fear of the Lord among My people. I will bring correction to those things that run contrary to My word. I will have a clean house, for I will occupy My house, and it will be as I want it to be without spot or wrinkle.

I am setting up house in My body, (living temple), for I know the hearts, and minds of My creation, and I know where they are, and where they are headed. Nothing can be hidden from Me. Not on this earth, or in My heavens. There are no secrets that I am not aware of.

I know that I know the destinies of everything that I have created. Am I not God? Don’t be afraid, loved ones. What you see going on around you are birth pangs of My kingdom on earth. I am in the process of cleaning My house, and bringing those things that will set My sheep apart from the goats, and the wheat from the tares.

A line has been drawn between two kingdoms. One kingdom leads to life, the other to destruction. Such is the time that we are entering into. As your Lord I will no longer tolerate the blending of the two. There will be no compromise. You must choose whose kingdom you will serve.

I will honor those who honor Me, and reject those who reject Me. The choice is yours to make. I choose to speak abundant life over you, but you must choose who you will serve in the days ahead.


Daddy God

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I am about to show up, and show off with a scope that is off the charts. What I am bringing will leave no doubt of who I am. You are about to witness the power of an awesome God who is acting in great authority. 

I am going to be breaking out all over. No nation or authority can stand against Me, and My agenda. I will cut them off, and bring My plans, and purposes forward just as I have spoken. 

My words are not void. They are alive, and have great power. The enemy is at his wits end trying to stop Me, but to no avail. A mega manifestation is currently in the works that will wreak the enemies agenda. It will not be good for him, but it will be good for My church, and creation. 

I am raising up sheep nations that will be in line with My agenda. I am bringing correction where it is needed, and healing to the nations. I will restore those things that the enemy has stolen from My people. I will not be lax in this for I have given My solemn word to restore, and I fully intend to do this. 

The writing is on the wall from the God of heaven, and earth. I do this because I love you, and I fully intend to follow through with My word that I have spoken over you. I will be faithful to you in this! 

Do not doubt My goodness, and heart in what I am about to do. Look to Me for I am your true answer, and I am about to manifest in a way never witnessed or experienced before. You can count on it!


Daddy God

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When I woke up this morning the first thing I heard was, your I AM is relentless, and He kept repeating this for some time. Then the Lord said, My beloved, I have not given up on you or what is going on around you. 

I am relentless when it comes to My children. I am a good, good Father who has a relentless love for My bride, and creation. These things that you see going on around you are birthing pains of what is coming, but they are counterfeit, and fearful in nature. It is a very false narrative of what I am about to bring. The enemy would like you to think that everything is out of control, but what I am doing is exposing the plans, and purposes of the enemy. I will be relentless in this. My agenda, and plans are far more superior than anything that the enemy can come up with. 

My children, I speak My peace over you. A calmness of My Holy Spirit, and a deep peace with a certainty of My relentless love that I have for you. I am relentless when it comes to My kingdom, and the destiny that I have spoken over My church. Soon you will see, and hear with greater clarity. You will know My heart toward you, and My creation. 

Your I AM is relentless when it comes to fulfilling My word, and nothing can stop Me from doing this. The enemy is not up to it, and man is certainly not. My truth is relentless, and is forever fulfilling those things that I have spoken. It is perpetual in nature, and goes forward through time as it always has. 

My beloved, I’ve got this, and you. Do not fear, but choose to trust Me with the destiny that I have for you. Rest in My truth, for you are mine!


Daddy God

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Dynamics: A force that stimulates change within a system or process. A state of balance, or equilibrium. A pattern of progress of change, growth or activity. From the Greek, dynamics comes from dunamis which is power. 

Get ready for change. I, your Lord, am about to bring a new way of doing kingdom  business. It will not be business as usual. A dynamic shift is about to happen within My church. 

Get ready to be turned on, tuned in, tuned up, and turned loose. I am bringing a new dynamic to My children. You are about to be supercharged by My Holy Spirit; a new way of doing kingdom business. 

I am giving you a new sense of balance to know Me, and My ways, and My heart toward you, and My creation. I am going to give you greater authority, and the correct balance on how to carry it, and use it. This is so you can stay in tune with My Holy Spirit. You need this to stay turned on for My kingdom. 

This kingdom dynamic will give you the equilibrium to have, and to hold the dunamis  power I am releasing from My kingdom. 

Know this, My beloved, a major shift is about to take place, and it will be very noticeable. It will not be hidden, and you cannot miss it. You are about to experience an “in your face God” reality. I am moving My kingdom forward. 

I will never retreat or go back on My truth that I have spoken over My church, and creation. 


Daddy God

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Numbers 6:25-27

I, the Lord, bless you, and I keep you, because you are mine. My face shines upon you, and I am gracious to you, because I am a good, good father. I choose to give you My peace, and to bless you, and to claim you as My own. I am that father who keeps His word to My beloved. 

I don’t do things halfway for those who seek My face, and I won’t give up on you.  You will never be beyond My reach. There are things that you do not understand, but I do. The one thing that you can be sure about is My love for you. The actions I take on your behalf are always for your good even though it may not seem like it at the time. 

I know where you are all the time, what you are thinking, and what is on your heart. I don’t skip a beat, or take shortcuts when it comes to taking care of My children. This is something I take very seriously, for My word to you is very important to Me, your Lord. When I speak My promises over you, you can be certain I will fulfill them, because of who I am. You are in good hands, My beloved. 

Let your heart not be troubled, because I’ve got you, and I’ve got what you see going on around you. Do not fear. I speak My truth over you, and your circumstances. I am defining what your future looks like, for it is written! 

Prepare, and expect My great purposes, and promises to be spoken, and released upon you, and My creation in the coming days, for these are the days that I will pour out My spirit upon all flesh. 


Daddy God

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  1. Pandemic: Widespread, prevalent, universal, rampant, global.
  2. Enveloped: Surround, cover, enwrap, swaddle.
  3. Mandate: An official order, or commission to do something. 
  4. Manifest destiny: Destined by God to expand His dominion.
  5. Godemic: You will truly know the heart of the Father.

You have had a pandemic. Now prepare for a Godemic. I am going to be quite contagious. 

There is much activity going on in My heaven. My son, Jesus, commander of heaven’s armies, is handing out last-minute instructions, and strategies, and pointing out landing places for this Godemic that is about to manifest. You will not want to wear a mask for this, because I am about to breathe on you the fresh fire of My Holy Spirit. I want you to take it in, breathe deep My beloved. I want you to be fully enveloped by My Holy Spirit. 

Rest in My love, and truth that I have spoken over you. This is My manifest destiny for you, My bride. Trust Me to take you beyond your expectations. You are going to have a new look. It will not be business as usual. I am redefining what My true church looks like. 

This is My kingdom mandate. I will take you where I want you to be, and you will operate on a whole new level of kingdom authority. This I have decreed, and declared over you, My beloved. I am on the move in a mighty way. What you see going on around you is very small compared with what I am bringing. 

Be at peace, and trust Me to fulfill My word over you for it is about to manifest. 


Daddy God

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(Isaiah 60: 1-3)

  1. Arise and shine for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you.
  2. For behold, darkness will cover the earth, and deep darkness the peoples, but the Lord will rise upon you, and His glory will appear upon you.
  3. Nations will come to your light, and kings to the brightness of your rising.

This word is My word. I have declared it, and it is coming to pass. You will shine as never before. You are being transformed into My worthy bride. I am taking you  beyond your expectations, and into a realm of My kingdom possibilities. 

I have heard the cries of My people. I will not leave your or forsake you. I am a good, good Father, and I am responding because of your beauty, and what I have spoken over you. You will fulfill the destiny that I have for you. 

Trust Me to rise, and shine upon you, and in this bring My spirit upon you in a way never experienced before. I am releasing My spirit on steroids. I am equipping you to go to places that you thought were impossible. The enemy is saying no!, but I say Yes!. 

Rise up My beautiful one. Do not be afraid for My spirit rests upon you. I am your shield, and strength. I will certainly carry out all I have spoken over you, both on an individual, and corporate level. Your greatest days are ahead of you. 

Rejoice for your light has come.


Daddy God


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